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Traction Engine Listing

This listing of all orders for Paxman traction engines was researched and compiled by the late Alan Duke. His listing was probably completed in the late 1980s or the early 1990s. For each order it gives, where known, the following: Paxman order number, Paxman works or engine number (the number stamped on the maker's plate), Vehicle Licensing Registration number, date despatched from factory, engine type, original customer, succeeding owners, and notes where relevant.

Some updating of the listing has been done, most recently in December 2018. The updated listing is available here for download in both PDF and MS Word formats. Right click on the preferred link and save to disk. The PDF file (170 KB) is Alan_Duke_TE_Listing.pdf . The MS Word file (51 KB) is Alan_Duke_TE_Listing.doc . The document is designed for printing on A4 paper (landscape - 297mm wide x 210mm high) and is 10 pages long.

Paxman Steam in Homes of the Nobility and Wealthy

During the 1880s and 1890s electric lighting was in its infancy and an expensive luxury enjoyed only by a wealthy few. James Paxman, through his contacts with pioneer electrical engineers such as Col R E Crompton and W H Massey and with early electrical contractors such as Edmundson, obtained a good many orders to supply steam engines and boilers for driving electric lighting plants in homes of the aristocracy and of wealthy individuals like successful Victorian entrepreneurs. Available here as a download, in MS Word document format, is a listing of many of these orders, received between 1882 and 1910 inclusive, for installations in private houses. The descriptions of engines supplied provide interesting insights into plant installed in large country houses during this period. The details of customers are interesting for the light they cast on the network of contacts James Paxman built up with influential electrical engineers and contractors of the day who put business his way and with men of high rank and great wealth who became his customers.

Related information on Paxman steam engines supplied as prime movers for electrical power generation can be found on the Steam Engineering page in the Windsor Engine section, and on the Peache Engines page.

The MS Word file available here is approx. 383 KB and the document prints out to 13 x A4 (landscape) pages. Right click on the link to download DP-19thC_ElecPower_Prime_Movers.doc and save to disk.

Davey, Paxman and Co in the early 1890s

Text of an article about the Company published in the early 1890s. It gives a detailed description of the Company's premises at the time, the machinery and processes used, and some of the products manufactured.

The file 'pax1890s.rtf' (Rich Text Format) is approx 53KB and prints out to approx. 9 pages depending on font size and margins. Right click on the link to download and save to disk.

Peter Woodall's History of the Company

Text of a history of the Company written by Peter Woodall in 1955-56.

The file 'pwoodall.rtf' (Rich Text Format) is approx 70KB and prints out to approx. 15 pages using 11 point Arial or Helvetica. Right click on the link to download and save to disk.

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