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This page contains a summary listing of diesel engines supplied by, or on order from, Paxman for rail traction applications as at 31st January 1992. In addition, at the end of the listing is a summary of the 12VP185 engines supplied for re-engining High Speed Train power cars, as at 31st December 2003.

The listing is based on a document held in Paxman's Service Department. The order of listing by engine type has been altered so that it is now in the chronological order in which each type was introduced. As noted in the listing below, entries relating to some customers are missing from the original document. Details of some of these missing entries have been extracted from other sources and are included below. Also some of the original entries have been corrected or supplemented using information from other sources.

The listing on this page is not to be taken as a complete record and no guarantee can be given that the information is correct in all respects. If you are aware on any errors or omissions please contact me with details.

An interesting feature of the listing is the large number of RPH engines supplied for industrial shunting locomotives in Britain. By far the largest single market for such engines was the British steelmaking industry: an industry now (in 2010) nearing extinction. No less than 165 RPHs were built for installation in British steelworks' shunters.

Technical details about each of the engine types mentioned below can be found on the page Paxman Diesel Engines since 1934. There is a link to the relevant section of that page at the top of the table for each engine type.

More information about the locomotives in which the engines were installed can be found on the pages Paxman and Diesel Rail Traction and Paxman Diesels for the World's Railways (as at 1957).

as at 31st January 1992

Engine TypeNumbers sold

The above summary does not include more than 40 12-cylinder YL engines
supplied to Italian State Railways (FS) and built under licence by Breda of Milan.

RPH Engines
North British Locomotive Co for Southern Region86 RPHLShunter200
– An article in Modern Locomotives Illustrated, No 195, June-July 2012, pp.44-47, raises a question as to whether the above engines were actually used for Southern Region locomotives or whether there was an additional North British order for eight 6RPHL engines not included in this listing. The MLI article describes eight North British 0-4-0 shunters introduced between 1953 and 1956 (Nos 11700-11707, later D2700-D2707). These were diesel-hydraulic locomotives, fitted with 6RPH engines, rated at 200 bhp, coupled to Voith L33YV transmissions. The first three were for Hartlepool Docks and yards and the later five allocated for use in Scottish yards.
British Rail (Southern Region)112 RPHLShunter600
Ruston & Hornsby for Southern Region146 RPHLShunter275
– The above were for fourteen 0-6-0 diesel-electric shunting and trip freight locomotives, designed and built for working in and around Southampton Docks. The locomotives were ordered from Ruston & Hornsby in 1960. The 6RPHL Mk III engines were rated 275 bhp at 1,360 rpm, and were coupled to AEI traction generators. Delivered in 1962 they were allocated to the Southern Region shed within Southampton Docks (D2985-D2998, Class 07). By the late 1960s the entire fleet was transferred to the Eastleigh depot. (see Modern Locomotives Illustrated, No 195, June-July 2012, pp.76-81.)
Fell Developments for Midland Region
(4 engines in locomotive, each 500 hp, plus two spare engines.)
612 RPHLMain Line500
North British Locomotive Co for Midland Region116 RPHXLMixed Traffic827
* North British Loco Co for Colville's, Scotland64 RPHLShunter270
–  These engines were for re-engining North British locomotives that were fitted originally with Harlandic 2-stroke engines which had proved unsuccessful.
* BSC Colville's, Motherwell, Scotland34 RPHLShunter140
– Each engine rated 137 bhp at 1,000 rpm. Orders for these three engines were placed with Paxman by John Fowler & Co of Leeds in October 1959. They were for re-engining three of Colville's Fowler locomotives. The conversion work was carried out by Fowler at Leeds.
Hudswell Clarke for English Steel18 RPHLShunter300
North British Loco Co for English Steel18 RPHXLShunter300
North British Loco Co for John Summers712 RPHL-IIShunter500
– The above were for 0-6-0 diesel-hydraulic shunters fitted with Voith-North British L.24 transmissions. The first was delivered to John Summers' Shotton Steelworks, in North Wales, in late 1954. The engine in this was de-rated to 400 bhp at 1,000 rpm. The other locomotives had the same engine but with its usual rating of 500 bhp at 1,250 rpm. (see Diesel Railway Traction, December 1954, p.294.)
Yorkshire Engine Co for John Summers112 RPHLShunter400
– The above was for a diesel-electric shunter fitted with British Thomson-Houston electrical transmission, delivered to John Summers not later than 1954 (see Diesel Railway Traction, Sept 1954.)
Hunslet Engine Co for John Summers112 RPHLShunter500
– The above was for a 50 ton 0-6-0 shunter fitted with a Hunslet six-speed gearbox, which entered service at John Summers' Shotton Steelworks in North Wales during the summer of 1954 (see Diesel Railway Traction, Sept 1954.)
Hudswell Clarke for Normandy Park28 RPHLShunter500
Hudswell Clarke for Redbourn212 RPHLShunter500
Yorkshire Engine Co for Lancashire Steel206 RPHLShunter275
Andrew Barclay for Stewarts & Lloyds112 RPHL-IShunter430
– The above was for re-engining what was originally an experimental 0-6-0 diesel-electric locomotive built by Andrew Barclay Sons & Co for Crompton Parkinson. The original engine was a Paxman 8-cylinder VRB, with a rating of 400 bhp at 1,500 rpm, driving a Crompton DC traction generator. The locomotive was delivered to Crompton Parkinson at Chelmsford in Autumn 1945. Re-engining with the above 12-cylinder RPH Series I engine, rated 430 bhp at 1,250 rpm, was undertaken at Paxman's Britannia Works in 1949. The 45 ton locomotive had a maximum speed of 40 mph and entered service at Stewarts and Lloyds' Corby steelworks in either late November or early December 1949 where it subsequently gave many years of good service.
North British Loco Co for Stewarts & Lloyds312 RPHLShunter500
North British Loco Co for Stewarts & Lloyds16 RPHLShunter200
North British Loco Co for Stewarts & Lloyds36 RPHLShunter275
English Electric for Stewarts & Lloyds278 RPHXLShunter447
– Each engine rated 474? or 447? bhp at 1,500 rpm.
Yorkshire Engine Co for Stewarts & Lloyds156 RPHLShunter275
* BSC, Stewarts & Lloyds, Bilston36 RPHLShunter302
North British Loco Co for Stewarts & Lloyds46 RPHLShunter200
Ruston & Hornsby for Stewarts & Lloyds46 RPHLShunter210
Yorkshire Engine Co for Steel, Peech & Tozer26 RPHLShunter250
Yorkshire Engine Co for Steel, Peech & Tozer116 RPHLShunter275
– The above engines were for diesel-electric locomotives with British Thomson-Houston electrical equipment, for the end-user's Templeborough and Ickles plants, near Sheffield. (see Diesel Railway Traction, October 1954 p.244.)
Hunslet Engine Co for Steel, Peech & Tozer58 RPHLShunter403
Hunslet Engine Co for BSC Rotherham28 RPHLShunter403
– The above engines were 67-ton 0-6-0 shunters for the Special Steels Division of the British Steel Corporation at Rotherham. The first entered service in spring 1971. The naturally aspirated 8-cylinder engines were rated 300kW / 403 bhp at 1,500 rpm. (see Railway Engineering, May/June 1971.) Engines driving through British Twin Disc torque converters.
Yorkshire Engine Co for Stanton & Staveley56 RPHLShunter275
North British Loco Co for Stanton & Staveley16 RPHLShunter275
North British Loco Co for Shelton Iron & Steel16 RPHLShunter300
North British Loco Co for Shelton Iron & Steel112 RPHLShunter400
Yorkshire Engine Co for Samuel Fox412 RPHLShunter400
Yorkshire Engine Co for Washington Iron & Steel46 RPHLShunter275
* BSC Workington Iron & Steel36 RPHLShunter302
Ruston & Hornsby for Brown Bayley Steels26 RPHLShunter275
Yorkshire Engine Co for Round Oak Steelworks116 RPHLShunter275
* Round Oak Steelworks26 RPHLShunter302
* Round Oak Steelworks36 RPHLShunter302
Ruston & Hornsby for William Beardmore36 RPHLShunter275
Ruston & Hornsby16 RPHLShunter300
Ruston & Hornsby26 RPHLShunter275
Ruston & Hornsby38 RPHLShunter310
Yorkshire Engine Co112 RPHLShunter400
– The above engine was for the first diesel-electric surface shunter to be purchased by the East Midlands Division of the National Coal Board. The 0-6-0 locomotive was delivered to the NCB in Autumn 1955.
North British Locomotive Co112 RPHLShunter400
* Bagnall54 RPHLShunter216
Ruston & Hornsby16 RPHLShunter200
Ruston & Hornsby56 RPHLShunter275
Ruston & Hornsby26 RPHLShunter275
Yorkshire Engine Co36 RPHLShunter275
Hudswell Clarke16 RPHLShunter275
Hudswell Clarke16 RPHXLShunter (Hi-Dyne)210
– The two entries above are believed to relate to only one engine, not two. Detailed Paxman records show only one engine supplied for Hudswell Clarke's experimental locomotive 'Enterprise' (initially referred to as 'Yorkist'?), a 6RPH Series 1 with Serial No 100017/6. Originally supplied in naturally aspirated form under Contract No 53075 in August 1953, it was later returned to the works and converted to 'constant horsepower' (Hi-Dyne) build under Contract No 53602, before despatch back to Hudswell Clark in March 1954. Later Hi-Dyne locomotives were fitted with 6YHXL engines - see below.
Ruston & Hornsby46 RPHLShunter200
Ruston & Hornsby18 RPHLShunter305
Ruston & Hornsby18 RPHLShunter275
Ruston & Hornsby36 RPHXLShunter316
Ruston & Hornsby38 RPHLShunter305
Ruston & Hornsby16 RPHLShunter200
North British Locomotive Co16 RPHLShunter200
North British Locomotive Co26 RPHLShunter275
The above engines were installed in NBL locomotives, works numbers 27078 of 1950 and 27415 of 1954. Chris West has a note that 27078 was originally built as a demonstrator with a National engine and that it was only sold to Esso in 1953. Perhaps the Paxman engine was fitted then.
Ruston & Hornsby46 RPHLShunter200
Ruston & Hornsby56 RPHLShunter275
North British Locomotive Co16 RPHLShunter200
North British Locomotive Co16 RPHLShunter250
Yorkshire Engine Co5Vee 6 RPHL-IIShunter235
– Ordered in spring 1955, the above engines were for five 0-4-0 diesel-electric shunters. (see Diesel Railway Traction, May 1955, p.162.)
North British Locomotive Co16 RPHXLShunter300
Ruston & Hornsby16 RPHLShunter275
* North British Locomotive Co156 RPHLShunter275/302
The above were for re-engining fourteen MoD locomotives (originally fitted with National engines) in the late 1960s. One engine is assumed to be a spare.
Ruston & Hornsby196 RPHLShunter275
Andrew Barclay26 RPHLShunter302
North British Locomotive Co48 RPHXLFreight Transfer425
Andrew Barclay28 RPHXLFreight Transfer425
Metropolitan Vickers216 RPHXLPower Vans800
North British Locomotive Co112 RPHXLShunter530
Clayton Equipment Company for British Thomson-Houston
(for 18 Y Class diesel-electric locomotives, plus 2 spare engines)
2012 RPHLShunter420
D Wickham & Co, Ware26 RPHXLRailcar230
North British Locomotive Co812 RPHXLMixed Traffic625
North British Locomotive Co312 RPHXLShunter510
North British Locomotive Co148 RPHLShunter330
Andrew Barclay178 RPHLShunter332
GHANA (formerly Gold Coast) RAILWAYS
Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon1412 RPHL-IIMixed Traffic400
– The above engines, rated 460 bhp at 1,150 rpm, were for thirteen 400 bhp diesel-electric locomotives (+ 1 spare engine) for Gold Coast Railways. The engines were ordered by the Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon Co in August 1955 and despatched between July 1956 and March 1957. The 3' 6" gauge, 42 ton locomotives were of Bo-Bo wheel arrangement and intended for heavy shunting and secondary line services. Top speed 45 mph. They had Crompton Parkinson traction motors and were put into operation in 1957.
[Original document has handwritten note here to the effect that H to R customers are missing. The entries immediately following are derived from other sources and may require confirmation.]
Metropolitan Cammell for British Thomson-Houston
(for 10 New South Wales 41 Class diesel-electric locomotives – two engines per loco – and 1 spare engine.)
2112 RPHLTransfer500
Hunslet Engine Co46 RPHLShunter 
North British Locomotive Co
(for 6 Class 16 locomotives plus 1 spare engine and 1 sectioned engine.)
86 RPHXLShunter312
– NBL shipped the six 36-ton diesel-hydraulic locomotives to Malaya at the end of 1954. The locomotives were fitted with Voith-North British transmissions and had a maximum speed of 15 mph. (see Diesel Railway Traction, 1955, p.43.)
North British Locomotive Co (diesel-hydraulic)212 RPHXLTransfer625
Brush, Loughborough (diesel-electric)228 RPHLShunter/Mixed Traffic 
– The above were possibly 8RPHXL engines, developing 400 bhp at 1,250 rpm, for Brush shunting locomotives operated by the Nigerian Railway Corporation.
Brush, Loughborough (diesel-electric)208 RPHLShunter/Mixed Traffic 
 68 RPHLSpare Engines 
Brush, Loughborough for Ashake Cement Co18 RPHLShunter 
Brush, Loughborough for Kaduna Oil Refinery48 RPHLShunter 
North British Locomotive Co212 RPHL Mk4Shunter / Transfer532
The above were for two 0-8-0, 52-ton, 3' 6" gauge diesel-hydraulic locomotives supplied to the Westminster Plant Company for use on the Escravos Bar Contract in Nigeria, which was carried out by Richard Costain Ltd and Raymond International Ltd. The engines had a normal rating of 562 bhp at 1,500 rpm but were derated to 532 for local conditions. The locomotives were delivered in mid-1960 and had Voith-North British L.217V hydraulic transmissions. (see Diesel Railway Traction September 1960.) NBL Order L104 and NBL works numbers 28035 and 28036. On completion of the Escravos Bar contract, they passed to the Nigerian Railways Corporation.
Strommens Verkstadt AB, Norway (re-engining)612 RPHLFast Passenger500
Hunslet Engine Co (diesel-mechanical)412 RPHLHeavy Freight440
North British Locomotive Co
(for 20 locomotives, plus 5 spare engines)
2512 RPHXLTransfer625
[original Paxman listing resumes here]
Ruston & Hornsby16 RPHLShunter200
North British Locomotive Co16 RPHXLShunter310
Ruston & Hornsby46 RPHLShunter275
Brush Electrical Machines228 RPHLShunter328
Ruston & Hornsby16 RPHLShunter275
North British Locomotive Co212 RPHXLShunter625
Hunslet Engine Co112 RPHLShunter500
North British Locomotive Co212 RPHXLTransfer625
– The above engines were for two 3' 6" gauge, diesel-hydraulic locomotives. Voith-North British transmissions. (see Diesel Railway Traction, October 1954 p.243, and (?) May 1955, p.162.)
* Engine Conversion
YH Engines
North British Locomotive Company (British Railways, Midland Region / Eastern Region) (for Class 16 locomotives)1116 YHXLTransfer800
British Thomson-Houston (Class 15)4616 YHXLTransfer800
Walkers (Emu Bay Railway, Tasmania)412 YHXLMixed Traffic682
Hudswell Clarke (Sierra Leone Government Railway)256 YHXLMixed Traffic225
– The above were for 24 Hi-Dyne (constant horsepower) locomotives built by Hudswell Clarke between 1958 and 1961. The engines were supplied under Paxman Contract Nos 55096 to 55103, 55721 to 55728, 56271 to 56276, 56361, 56362 and 56292 (spare engine). A fuller history of the Hi-Dyne, and the Sierra Leone 120 Class locomotives in which it was installed, can be found on the Hi-Dyne page.
* Sierra Leone Government Railway26 YHXLMixed Traffic245
– The above are believed to be the two conventional (not Hi-Dyne) build 6YHXL engines supplied under Paxman Contracts 57820 and 57821, in April 1964, for conversion of two of the Sierra Leone Hi-Dyne locomotives (see previous entry) to a conventional engine and transmission arrangement. They were rated at 245 bhp, not the 225 bhp shown in the original Paxman Summary document.
Brush (for MINAZ (Sugar Ministry) Cuba)1512 YHXLMixed Traffic720
– The above, each rated 720 bhp at 1,200 rpm, were for diesel-electric locomotives.
* MINAZ (Cuba)1512 YHXLMixed Traffic720
* MINAZ (Cuba)612 YHXLMixed Traffic825
  * Engine Conversion
6ZHXL Engines
British Rail (Midland Region)26ZHXLPower Car450
– The above engines were for underfloor mounting in two experimental diesel-electric railcars built at British Rail's Derby Works. The engines were despatched to Derby in early 1956.
Clayton Equipment
(for British Railways, Scottish Region. Two engines, each 450bhp, per locomotive.)
1766ZHXLMixed Traffic450
Clayton Equipment (British Railways, Scottish Region)96ZHXLSpare Engines450
Beyer Peacock (British Railways, Scottish Region)586ZHXLMixed Traffic450
YL Engines
All the YL engines supplied to Italian State Railways (FS - Ferrovie dello Stato) were built under licence by Fabbrica Automobili Isotta Fraschini e Motori Breda of Milan.
Italian State Railways (FS)212YLXLMixed Traffic1,320
– For two diesel-electric D.341 Class locomotives, Nos D.341.2001 and D.341.2002, constructed c.1957-59. The first entered service during November 1958.
Italian State Railways (FS)20 (or 33?)12YLXLMixed Traffic1,400
– For twenty diesel-electric D.341 Class locomotives. The Paxman Sales Engineers' Handbook (p.204) records only the above 20 engines for the 1,400 bhp D.341 Class locomotives. However, according to an Italian book, the initial two D.341 locomotives were followed by a further thirty three of this type, Nos D.341.2003 to D.341.2035, which were constructed between 1960 and 1963. This source suggests all thirty three had 12YLXL engines, rated 1,400 bhp at 1,000 rpm. If that is correct, the number of engines above should be 33 rather than 20, not counting any spare engines that might have been built.
These mixed traffic locomotives weighed 64 tons, and had a maximum speed of 62 mph.
Italian State Railways (FS)2012YLCLMixed Traffic2,000
– For twenty diesel-electric D.443 Class locomotives, Nos D.443.2001 to D.443.2020, constructed in 1966-68.
VENTURA (YJ) Engines
British Rail (Western Region - Class 14)62Ventura 6YJXLShunting/Transfer650
– The above engines were for 56 Western Region 0-6-0 Class 14 diesel-hydraulic locomotives, built at Swindon Works between 1963 and 1965.
An initial order for 26 engines, Paxman Contract Nos 57311 to 57336, was placed by the British Transport Commission (BTC) and entered in Paxman's books on 20/08/62. The engines, Nos 610035/1 to /6 and 620010/1 to /20, were despatched between October 1963 and February 1964.
A subsequent order for 30 engines, Paxman Contract Nos 57644 to 57673, was placed by the British Rail Board (same London address as the former BTC) and entered in Paxman's books on 09/04/63. The engines, Nos 620022/1 to /24 and 630002/1 to /6, were despatched between February and November 1964.
The third order was for 6 spare engines, Paxman Contract Nos 58119 to 58124. The customer was the BRB Stores Dept at Swindon and the order was entered on 12/05/64. Five engines, Nos 630035/5 to /6 and 640012/1 to /3, were despatched between April and July 1965. The last engine, No 640012/4, was supplied temporarily for the Class 74 project (see below), under Paxman Contract 58658 of 22/04/65. Under this contract the engine was converted to Class 74 build standard and sent to the English Electric works at Newton-le-Willows (the Vulcan Foundry) for testing the propulsion system for the Class 74. After testing was completed, the engine was returned to Paxman and converted back to diesel-hydraulic locomotive build before being despatched under Contract No 58124 in April 1967. As at 2013 this engine is fitted in the Class 14 locomotive D9526, now in preservation on the West Somerset Railway.
British Rail (Southern Region - Class 74)11Ventura 6YJXLElectro-Diesel 650
– The above engines, with a rating of 650 bhp at 1,500 rpm, were for Class 74 electro-diesel locomotives. Ten were supplied under Paxman Contracts 58891 to 58900, dated 11/11/65. The order was placed by the English Electric Company, Dick Kerr Works, Preston. The contracts were for the supply of the complete generating sets, with the generators being supplied to Paxman by English Electric. The engines were Nos 640012/11 and /12, 650005/1 to /7, and 650025/1 which were despatched between September 1966 to July 1967. The complete generator sets were despatched to the BR Workshops at Crewe where the locomotives were built. A spare generator set was supplied under Paxman Contract 58964 of 19/06/66, fitted with engine No 650038/1, and despatched to BR's Eastleigh Locomotive Workshops in October 1967, suitably packed for long term storage.
As explained above, a spare engine ordered for the Western Region Class 14 locomotives, No 640012/4, was initially supplied for the Class 74 project, under Paxman Contract 58658 of 22/04/65. Under this contract the engine was converted to Class 74 build standard and sent to English Electric's Newton-le-Willows Works for testing the prototype of the Class 74's propulsion system. After testing was completed, the engine was returned to Paxman and converted back to diesel-hydraulic locomotive build before being despatched in fulfilment of Contract 58124.
Hitachi (Ceylon Government Railways)4Ventura 8YJXLPower Cars775
– The above were each rated 900 bhp at 1,500 rpm. Engines supplied to Hitachi to power two five-car luxury trainsets.
British Rail (Western Region)3Ventura 12YJXLMain Line1100
British Rail (Scottish Region)21Ventura 12YJXLMain Line1350
Ceylon Government Railways8Ventura 12YJXLMain Line1080
Rheinstahl Henschel (Ceylon Government Railways)45Ventura 12YJXLMain Line1,150
– The above supplied to Rheinstahl Henschel, at Kassel, for installation in Class II diesel-hydraulic mixed traffic locomotives.
Hitachi (Ceylon Government Railways)10Ventura 12YJXLPower Cars1,145
Italian State Railways
(Engine conversion. Built under licence by Breda Motori, Italy.)
37Ventura 12YJCLMain Line1500
Transportmachinen (for Ceylon Government Railways)15Ventura 16YJXLMain Line1580
– The above supplied to Lokomotivebau Karl Marx, at Babelsberg, East Germany, for installation in 14 (+ 1 spare engine) Class III diesel-hydraulic locomotives for hill section working.
Ganz Mavag (Hungarian State Railways)1Ventura 16YJCLMain Line1870
VALENTA (Y3J or RP200) Engines
British Rail (Prototypes)2Valenta 12CLHigh Speed Train2250
British Rail (Western Region)63Valenta 12CLHigh Speed Train2250
British Rail (Eastern Region)78Valenta 12CLHigh Speed Train2250
British Rail (Western Region)29Valenta 12CLHigh Speed Train2250
British Rail (Western Region)1Valenta 12CLHigh Speed Train2250
British Rail (North-East/South-West Route)38Valenta 12CLHigh Speed Train2250
British Rail (Western Region)2Valenta 12CLHigh Speed Train2250
British Rail (North-West/South-West)2Valenta 12CLHigh Speed Train2250
British Rail2Valenta 6CLClass 210 DMU1125
British Rail (East Coast Main Line)8Valenta 12CLHigh Speed Train2250
British Rail (East Coast Main Line)6Valenta 12CLHigh Speed Train2250
British Rail4Valenta 12CLHigh Speed Train2250
New South Wales State Rail Authority, Australia4Valenta 12CLXPT – Express Passenger Train1980
Brush Electrical Machines (for XPT, New South Wales, Australia)12Valenta 12CLExpress Passenger Train (XPT)1979
(A total of 24 Valenta 12CLs were supplied to the New South Wales State Rail Authority – for 15 + 4 power cars, and 5 spare engs)
VEGA (SE / RP160) Engines
Sri Lanka Railways (1,500rpm)112 SETCRField Trials1200
British Rail (1,500rpm)112 SETCRType Approval Test1250
Sri Lanka Railways (1,500rpm)712 SETCRS6 Power Coaches1265
  (SETCR indicates the 'Turbocharged Jacket Water-Cooled Intercooler' version of the SE / Vega.)
VP185 Engines(supplied for the re-engining of High Speed Trains. As at the end of December 2003)
Great Western912 VP185High Speed Train2250
Midland Mainline2012 VP185High Speed Train2250
– The last fifteen of these engines were delivered during 2002 and 2003. The re-engining work was undertaken by Maintrain Ltd at their Etches Park (Derby) and Neville Hill (Leeds) depots.
New South Wales State Rail Authority, Australia
(for 21 power cars + 1 spare engine)
2212 VP185Express Passenger Train (XPT) 

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